Online Meetings

All Online Meetings are password protected.

Please call the AA Helpline at

(315) 788-2280 for more information.

After entering the password, you will be in a waiting room. Please be patient and we will admit you into the meeting. Thank you!

All online meetings are available for up to 10 minutes prior to and after the scheduled meeting time to allow for off topic discussion. Please be considerate of others and mute your client when others are speaking to allow for clear discussion.

How to access online meetings? The zoom application for multiple platforms. Download here.

Click the following link for help getting to online meetings through Zoom, how to use a touch tone phone to join a meeting and troubleshooting on Mac

Host Resources


12:00 Noon Meeting -Literature: Big book of Alcoholics Anonymous

Attendees Join URL:

Zoom meeting ID 837 3433 1628


12:00 Noon Meeting -Open Discussion

Attendees join url:

Zoom meeting ID 837 3433 1628


12:00 Noon Meeting -Literature: 12 & 12

Attendees join url:

Zoom meeting ID 837 3433 1628